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Discounted Part/Return Loads

Small quantities or single items can be transported in conjunction with another removal to anywhere in the U.K. or overseas.

When we have a lorry (or container) running to an area with free space, or coming back empty, we can offer to transport single items or a full removal, depending on the space available.

We can also arrange collections on the way.

Considerable discounts apply

See to the right for details of some of our current availability or telephone us to see if we have a suitable load:

Early Booking discounts –  France and Spain

If you have a full load, nearly full load, or large part load, and you book at least 5 weeks in advance we can often offer discounts of £200- £1200 (+ VAT, if applicable *)  on our quoted rates.

* No VAT on moves from Europe to the UK

Latest Part Loads

15th August. UK to SW France (Pau). Empty over

15th August. UK to Mid-West France (Angouleme).  Empty over

16th August. UK to Brittany. Empty over, trailer space back

16th August. Lands End, Cornwall to Somerset

17th August. Somerset to Malpas, Cheshire. Space both ways.

17th August. Dumfries, Scotland to Somerset

17th August. Somerset/Wilts to West London

19th August. West London to Somerset

19th August. Brighton, Sussex to Somerset

22nd August. UK to Mid West France (Creuse). Empty over, trailer space back

23rd August. UK to Normandy, France. Empty over, small amount of space back

23rd August. UK to Paris, France. Space both ways

25th August. Shrewsbury, Shropshire to Somerset

25th August. Somerset to  Hemel Hempstead. Space both ways

26th August. Chester to Somerset

27th August. UK to S France (Cahors). Space both ways

30th August. UK to Switzerland (Basel), via E France

2nd September. Loughboro’ to Somerset/Wilts

2nd September. W Yorkshire to Essex

5th September. North Cornwall (Camelford) to Somerset

6th September. W Yorkshire to Essex

7th September. UK to Normandy, France. Empty over, can go further south

8th September. London to Somerset/Wilts

8th September. N Ireland to UK. Empty back

8th September. Grantham, Lincs to Somerset/Wilts

9th September. Guernsey to Somerset/Wilts

15th September. Cheshire to Somerset. Space both ways

19th September. UK to S France (Toulouse). Lots of space both ways

20th September. UK to SW France (Bergerac). Empty over, some space back

28th September. Norfolk to Somerset/Wilts

29th September. Austria to UK. Empty back. Via Germany, Belgium and N France

3rd October. SW France (Bergerac) to UK. Empty back

5th October. SW France (Nr Toulouse) to UK

5th October. SE France (Grasse) to UK. Empty back

4th November. SW London to Somerset/Wilts.

NO VAT on trips to and  from France and Spain, Holland, Belgium and Ireland, and all EU countries. Includes customs clearance

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