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Office Relocations

Moving your business can be a daunting prospect and therefore it’s wise to consult a removal company who have the experience and knowledge to carry out the transition quickly and smoothly, with the minimum disruption to your business.

Our Commercial & Corporate Moving Officer can meet with you to plan a timetable covering every stage of the operation, so that you and your staff are familiar with the proceedings.

Listening to you and considering your exact requirements is our priority.

Is an essential ingredient of any removal and all moves are planned with this objective in mind, thus minimizing loss of productivity.
We can carry out your move on Saturdays or Sundays.

Our staff have the specialist knowledge to pack everything, from files to computer discs and software. Our sophisticated labelling system, carried out in consultation with yourselves, ensures everything is re-positioned correctly.

Security crates which are locked and sealed can be supplied for confidential material.

The full range of cartons and crates can be delivered, well in advance, if you would like to carry out the packing yourselves.

We can offer a simple hourly rate for internal moving (room to room) or small jobs ie: one or two cabinets from one side of town to the other.

Most companies find they have to retain various records and documents for long periods of time, often with little or no reference ever being made to them. Could you make better use of the space that your records occupy? By letting the room! By creating extra room for more staff!

Perhaps giving the rest of your offices more breathing space! How about just ridding yourself of the unsightly bulk accumulating in the corner of the room!