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France Removals

We offer post Brexit customs clearance for household goods and personal effects from and to France and Europe

NO VAT to add

We regularly have trips to and from France

Full house removals– your own truck for your goods only – your choice of dates. Small, medium and large trucks available. If you book at least 5 weeks in advance, we often offer a generous discount

Smaller moves, Part loads or single items – For smaller amounts, a few boxes or personal possessions? – you only pay for the space you need! Favourable rates can be given for small loads or individual items. We’re running a truck to France 2-6 times per month with shared loads

If you’re taking a lesser amount, considerable savings are made by sharing the space with other loads.

There are currently many people moving to and from France, so there are lots of opportunities for part loads with favourable rates. Our trucks run to France around 40-50 times a year.

NO VAT on moves to the UK from France,
or France to the UK
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NO VAT on trips to the UK from France and Spain, Holland, Belgium and Ireland

If you have a reasonable size part load (Over 11 cubic metres / 400 cubic feet/ Large van load) and you book at least 5 weeks in advance, we can usually offer a reduced part load price and we will collect/deliver in France within a week either side of your preferred date

Customs clearance – Please download and read the leaflet below in advance of planning your move from Europe to the UK

Customs leaflet

Removals to France by

Road / Ferry:

Early Booking Discounts

If you have a full load, nearly full load, or large part load, and you book at least 5 weeks in advance we can often offer discounts of £200- £1200  on our quoted rates

NO VAT on moves from France to the UK, or UK to France

Smooth & efficient moving service to France:

Moving to or from France is still quite simple, although it may appear daunting.  After Brexit, there are now customs formalities when moving household goods to/from France. It is advisable to consult a removal company that is familiar with the procedures, to ensure a smooth and trouble-free move. If you’re moving as a transfer or your main residence, or you’re moving inherited goods  you’re unlikely to have to pay any taxes. If you’re moving something for a second home, you are likely to have to pay taxes
Weston & Edwards have the knowledge & expertise which, when combined with the care, consideration and reliability afforded by a well-established family firm, gives you complete peace of mind.

There are currently many people moving to France, so there are lots of opportunities for part loads with favourable rates. Our trucks run to France around 50-80 times a year

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Small Loads to France

For urgent smaller loads we can supply a dedicated small van and removal men. Handy if you’re unable to wait for a part load or need to have a guaranteed schedule.

Part Loads


We can collect your goods from your present home, packing all ‘smalls’ if required. Please refer to our Packing page for details of packing boxes and materials and all services offered.

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If you are unable to move directly into your new home abroad storage is available in our clean, modern, secure container storage facility.

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